Giving Thanks

John Piper describes the great joy in fulfilling our obligation to worship wonderfully in his book “Desiring God”… 

Screeeeeech!  “Wait, obligation to worship?  What’s that all about?  Do we serve some sort of profoundly egotistical God who wants and needs praise from His puny human creations?”  You might ask.

Ha, great question, and of course the answer is “not hardly.”  God stands unchanging and utterly self-sufficient always.  However, two fantastic things happen when we worship.  First, we experience the complete fulfillment of the joy available when encountering and contemplating God’s infinite awesomeness and perfection.  If you’re a sports fan and your team makes a huge score in a pressure packed situation against your most hated rival, the passion and excitement you’re feeling finds its peak in its physical and verbal expression: “YESSSSSSSSSS!” <arms raised in the universal recognized sign of victory>.  Now imagine witnessing the same thing responding by sitting quietly with your arms folded in your lap.  It’s just not the same.

Second, others witness your worship as an invitation to join the dance.  When you see a fantastic movie or discover an unbelievable new restaurant, what do you do?  Well, if it’s me in the restaurant scenario I throw my hands in the air and shout as described above, but most people tell their friends.  When we experience joy we want the people we care about most to share that wonderful feeling.

I guess that leaves one final question: Is He worthy of our worship?  Do we have reason to feel thankful, express our joy, and invite others to join the eternal dance of life? 

You tell me.  What’s your favorite verse or life experience that inspires joy?  Email me back (  I want to know!  Here’s one of mine: 

Thankful that God show me love through my wife.

Thankful that God shows me love through my wife.

 Nehemiah 8:10

Peace and joy! –DW (Oh, and if you’d like to dig a little deeper, check out “Desiring God.”  It’s a great book – a real game changer.)


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