I Sinned This Weekend

So, I sinned this weekend.  I know, I know.  We don’t generally talk about that kind of stuff.  And yes, just like you, I sin every day, but this was different.

I spend a ton of time skirting around my sins.  As abhorrent as they must be to God, I’m not bothered much by them.  Yes, I’m selfish and I lack sufficient faith to avoid worry.  Sometime I take care of myself instead of others, and I often fail to provide the Christian examples God makes me capable of projecting.  But you know…

I’ve missed the mark, made things worse for myself, and let others down (including God), but hey, I’m not perfect.  Thank God, God won’t stop the work he started in me until it is completely finished…

There’s plenty of room for improvement, but I’m a pretty decent guy…


This sin was different.  It was a specific act of commission.  I knew it was sin up front, and I chose to do it anyway.  What a blessing!  Not the sin but the crystal clear sense of conviction, the easily heartfelt plea for forgiveness, the deep and pure humility, the rock solid understanding of my dependency on God – and of course, God’s response.

We both felt great relief and joy at the moment of shared clarity.  God provided immediate and irrefutable forgiveness, and I came away cleaner and better than months of my best efforts to live righteously ever made me

Oh the joys of conviction, confession, and forgiveness.  What an amazing blessing!



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